UK Credit Reference Agencies

There are three main credit reference agencies in the UK. They are:

Callcredit plc
PO Box 491
Leeds LS3 1WZ
Telephone: 0870 060 1414

Experian Limited
Consumer Help Service
PO Box 8000
Nottingham NG1 5GX
Telephone: 0870 241 6212

Equifax plc
Consumer Affairs Department
Spectrum House
1A North Avenue
Glasgow G81 2DR
Telephone: 0870 514 3700

You can write to them at any time and ask to see the information they have on you. You can also order your file online and over the telephone from Equifax and Experian, so long as you have either a credit card or debit card in your own name.

If you write you will need to:

  • send a small £ fee
  • give your full name, date of birth, address and post code
  • include any other address you've lived at during the last six years
  • give your business name and address if you are a sole trader or partnership because the agency could hold information about you under this name
  • Keep copies of any letters you send

The agency must reply within seven working days to:

  • ask for more information from you to help it find your file; or
  • tell you it does not have a file on you; or
  • send you the file